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Bad Yoga #16: If I Twist the Wrong Direction the First Time Then I’ll Hurt Myself?

Our dream came true when one of our readers wrote to us with the most fabulous question: I’d like to see if you can answer a question for me. I’m currently working on my 500 hour yoga certification. This past weekend one of the teachers, in talking about twisting postures, insisted that twists must be done to the right then left to follow the path of the intestines. She went so far as to say that you are putting your students digestive health at serious risk to do twists left then right. This just doesn’t seem likely to me. So Read more…

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Bad Yoga Tip #8: Turning Your Head Makes Your Twist Bigger

Often in yoga classes we are directed to turn the head in the opposite direction of the knees to “increase the twist.”   But it may be more important to track the subtle sensations and know from where we are twisting than be concerned about how far we can go.  Sometimes turning the head can make us lose track of those sensations. Yoga provides an opportunity for self-exploration that can be more valuable than shape making.  So let us explore what’s going and what contributes to what we feel. Turning your head, with the eyes closed, can enhance sensations coming from Read more…

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Bad Yoga Tip #7: Twists “Cleanse” and “Wring Out” Your Organs

Fellow yoga teachers, please stop saying that doing twists (whether seated, standing, or lying down) helps to “wring out the organs”.  Some even go as far as to say they should be done as part of cleanses and can rid the organs of toxins, and that when you release from the twist, your organs are “filling with fresh blood”.  While these may be helpful metaphors, they are for the most part not true and can convey a message that yoga teachers have little to no appreciation for the sciences of anatomy and physiology. 1) Generally (if you are contracting your internal and Read more…

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