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Tips for Cyclists

It’s getting warm! That means we’ll being seeing an increasing number of cyclists on the streets. Keep your tissues happy with this foam rolling and stretch sequence presented by Kim.

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Why Does My Leg Still Hurt? I’ve Been Stretching and Doing Lots of Yoga!

You have no idea how many times a yoga student complains, “I think I had an injury in my thigh, and I have been stretching it for months and it still hurts.” Then for some reason, the student is shocked to hear the reply,  “Well then… stop stretching it.” Yoga people: Stretching is not the answer for everything! In fact, we would argue that it is RARELY the answer for anything. “But, I was told to keep stretching it.” So you did that, right? And it didn’t get any better? Time to do something else, perhaps seek the advice of a medical Read more…

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Flexing Through Your Spine vs. Hinging at the Hips

Most yoga sequences are dominated by spinal extension.  Typically, we move into forward bends with a “straight back” hinging at the hips.  But what if you switched that up and threw in some spinal flexion?  Rolling through the spine can give you proprioceptive feedback you may be missing by sticking to the same hinge-at-the-hips move.  In this video (find us on youtube and subscribe!) Kim explains the how’s and why’s of adding more spinal flexion to your practice.

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Bad Yoga Tip #3 — You Must Straighten Your Leg to Stretch Your Hamstring

You know you hear it all the time, not just in yoga, but in every exercise cool down.  Instructors want you to straighten your leg, sometimes locking the knee joint in order to get a “good” hamstring stretch.  We say, NOT TRUE!  In fact, that instruction can sometimes lead to injuries. For most of us, straightening the leg and trying to keep an elongated spine is not an easy relationship to maintain. Usually, this means, we sacrifice the long spine to straighten the leg. To demonstrate, try a standing forward bend.  Straighten the legs completely and notice what happens in your Read more…

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