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Why Does My Leg Still Hurt? I’ve Been Stretching and Doing Lots of Yoga!

You have no idea how many times a yoga student complains, “I think I had an injury in my thigh, and I have been stretching it for months and it still hurts.” Then for some reason, the student is shocked to hear the reply,  “Well then… stop stretching it.” Yoga people: Stretching is not the answer for everything! In fact, we would argue that it is RARELY the answer for anything. “But, I was told to keep stretching it.” So you did that, right? And it didn’t get any better? Time to do something else, perhaps seek the advice of a medical Read more…

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Yoga Practice Suggestions So You Can Stop Hurting Your Neck (Part 2)

To continue our practice suggestions from our last post about how to not destroy your neck while doing yoga… Increase your awareness of how well you are able to execute spinal flexion and spinal extension, especially in different relationships with gravity. So basically, the more awareness you have of your spine the more likely you have a choice over your ability to manipulate it safely and comfortably.  You can then identify which parts you have a finessed control over and what parts you don’t.  In other words, you can identify what parts of the spine are not integrated in the totality Read more…

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Yoga Practice Suggestions So You Can Stop Hurting Your Neck (Part 1)

Last week we put up a post discussing the different ways in which your yoga practice could be making your already stiff or tight-feeling neck worse.  This week we’d like to follow up with suggestions and modifications for you to try in your practice to avoid this extra hurt and even possibly ameliorate your neck issues. Two items of note: 1) Why the HELL didn’t the last post talk about shoulder stand or headstand?! Here’s why.  Those would be the first-thought-of, most-expected asanas to talk about.  The discussion about these postures is pretty obvious (or at least should be) and Read more…

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Is Your Yoga Practice Hurting Your Neck?

Yes, it’s true.  Yoga could be hurting your neck.  Well, no…But the way you are doing yoga could be making your stiff neck worse.  Allow us to explain. In many instances when someone complains about a “stiff” neck or “tight” shoulders muscles in both areas (neck and shoulders) it can feel like one solid rock of tension.  And, we hear, that no matter how much people try to relax that area, “stretch” it or “roll the shoulders down” there is no relief.  Ugh! That is frustrating.  But none of these methods works, because none of them is getting to the Read more…

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Bad Yoga Tip #11: Be Super Careful with Yourself

Always be gentle with your body.  Respect its boundaries.   Don’t push. These are generally good rules to listen to when challenging yourself physically and trying to avoid injury, especially when learning a new activity.  But if one uses this kind of thinking to dictate how she should treat the body in all situations it can actually be counterproductive to health and well being. Stress (of all kinds) can actually be beneficial (and arguably necessary) for the body.  Our entire lives as mobile human beings is to actively engage with the oppressive and compressive forces of gravity and other natural forces. Read more…

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The Pain of Changing Negative Patterns and Experiences

Doing good for yourself hurts.  We’re talking specifically about the discomfort involved with undoing bad habits and changing patterns of behavior for the better.  This kind of pain is familiar to those of us with a conscious movement practice like yoga, pilates or dance.  When the goal is to have focus, be aware of the processes of what’s going on in the body and change “bad” habits for better ones (Note: What is “bad” and what is “good” changes depending on the situation and individual.  That’s another post) one is bound to confront feelings of frustrations and a myriad of Read more…

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You Might Not Be Strong Enough to Hang Out with These “Old People”

These senior citizens kick serious ass!  They are all over the age of 70 and have hard-core weight lifting practices.  Again just when you think you can’t do something – for any reason – just take a look at these people. Ernestine Shepherd, 75 years old and teaching others how to live better lives. Charles Eugster, 91 years of age didn’t start till he turned 80!  Click here to read his full story. This grandmother,  Wanja Sjödin from Sweden, can do 55 push ups before needing to take a break.  How do you compare?  (Thanks to our friend Brian at Read more…

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Get to Now Movements Afoot

Readers!  We want you to know about all the cool movement resources that exist out there for you.  Movements Afoot has a particular in with the Pilates crowd as it is known as a “pilates wellness center.” Also, the fact that one of our favorite movement educators, Amy Matthews, is a staff member only ups the coolness factor for us.   Lesley Powell, the founder of Movements Afoot, is also

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An Inspirational Monday: Don’t Stop Moving!

Here’s a fair amount of inspiration to help you start the week strong.  Mondays can often be characterized by our hesitancy to let go of the weekend and start the rat race.  So whether you’re having a hard time starting the week off with excitement or even having a hard time getting into your movement practice here’s what you need to get started.  We have really awesome friends on facebook, so if you want to keep seeing cool videos that they post then you should “like” us and then “like” them.  That being said, Enjoy! The first video comes from Elephant Read more…

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What’s My Prognosis?

A lot of the clients that we see here at SMARTer Bodies come to us, because of an injury. Most of them have been to the doctor and some to physical therapy (unless that is what they are here for, alternatively), but are still seeking a more thorough recovery. One of the first questions we get asked is, “How long will it take to be back to normal?” or “Will I ever regain full function?” The honest answer to those questions is that… it is entirely up to YOU.

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