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What is Good Posture? with Kim

Everyone wants to work on their posture. Kim explains that “good” posture depends on your given physical and environmental situation. And don’t forget about your organs!  

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Balance Is Not Symmetry: Where are Your Organs?

In our last post, we quickly explained what brain processes occur during balance postures. To fitness professionals like us, understanding neuroscience is not only fascinating but also helpful in assisting our clients to overcome challenges with movement including balancing. This information can definitely help boost your yoga practice!  But you should also incorporate another bit of information to bring your practice to the next level:  Organ Placement. Organ Placement is not often included in the dialogue about improving performance in yoga postures. Big Mistake!  It may not seem obvious at first, but for us (and those of us who are Read more…

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Let Your Organs Support You

Tight shoulders, neck and upper back muscles are a common complaint amongst our clientele.  Often the request during a session is to massage the muscles in the hopes of loosening them.  This can help alleviate some of the tension in the moment and only temporarily.  Whatever deeper issue that underlies the tightness will continue unless changed, like a movement pattern. Often times hours after a massage, the muscles return to the “tight” state unless the underlying issue is addressed. Sometimes the muscles could feel tight in order to protect an unstable joint. Or maybe they are just negotiating gravity from Read more…

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Your Breathing is Related to Your Indigestion

We come across many individuals who do not realize the depth of inter-connectivity between organ systems.  They assume that an ailment that affects one system does not affect another. At some point, most of us have experienced some type of digestive problem. Have you ever thought about how the digestive system might be affected by breathing? Can the quality of your breathe determine the quality of your digestion? What is the relationship? One obvious connection is that we need to breathe well to oxygenate the body’s organs properly for optimal health. Isn’t there also a connection as far as movement Read more…

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