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SMARTer Yoga: Finding Balance Through Fluid Movement

We are itching to share how we teach with you and thought this sequence would be the best one to start with.  This one is tough, because it emphasizes fluidity and curvature as opposed to creating straight lines in the body.  You’ll find that the purpose of this it to help you find balance that comes from sharp focus and deep work in the stabilizing core muscles and deep work in the feet.  We’ve set up the postures so that you do not be prop up on your joints like when completely straightening a leg.  This ensures that you rely on muscle work. You’ll Read more…

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Get to Now Movements Afoot

Readers!  We want you to know about all the cool movement resources that exist out there for you.  Movements Afoot has a particular in with the Pilates crowd as it is known as a “pilates wellness center.” Also, the fact that one of our favorite movement educators, Amy Matthews, is a staff member only ups the coolness factor for us.   Lesley Powell, the founder of Movements Afoot, is also

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What SMARTerBodies Thinks About the New York Times Article

There has been so much controversy within the yoga community ever since Glenn Black was quoted in last week’s New York Times article. Many teachers have been outraged and offended by the article’s seemingly new revelation that a physical yoga practice can hurt you. There is a plethora of reactionary blog posts, Facebook messages and tweets that accuse Glenn Black and NYT of producing at the least a sensationalist piece of journalism and at the worst threatening the place of yoga in mainstream America and in the hearts and minds of many followers. We have completely lost patience for many Read more…

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Repattern the Body and Repattern Yourself

We recently wrote about muscle memory.  Click here to read that post.  It makes sense to follow that up with an explanation for how our work can apply. Somatic work helps to give people the freedom of choice follow the same old pattern or to consciously change. In the physical body, someone chooses one path of movement over another because of their movement history, body type and compensation patterns. Most of the time this is done unconsciously. The problem is that because of the quick adaptation of our neural pathways (muscle memory some call it) the more we do a particular movement Read more…

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Take More Breaks from Sitting!

Most of our clients are habitual, chronic chair sitters.  They work at computers, desks, even canvases for 8 or more hours a day.  Point is, these poor folks are stuck sitting for hours!  Sitting for that long can feel awful and have profoundly negative effects on the body.  For example, tight hips, sore backs, tense shoulder muscles, stiff neck muscles, and painful wrists.

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Tips for Office Workers

Last weekend Kim and I taught a great workshop at Reebok. Geared towards tired office workers and computer users, the information was very much appreciated and we look forward to doing it again! We realize that more people need this information, so we’ve decided to post the tip sheet we handed out. Definitely email us if you have questions, or leave a comment. Also, if you love what you’re reading think of how much better it would be if Kim and I came to your office and gave the workshop there! Contact us also if you’d like to book us for corporate Read more…

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True Health through Movement: Three Secrets that Maybe You DIDN’T Know

There has been A LOT of talk in the media about “Good Health” and how to achieve it. In fact, in America it seems to be a national pastime! Shows like “Dr. Phil” and “Dr. Oz” as well as “The Doctors” are extremely popular daytime mega-hits. Health and Diet books are also huge best-sellers, from “The Atkins’ Diet” all the way to “The South Beach Diet”. So if we Americans are so obsessed with the concept of “Good Health”, then why is it that the youngest generation, aged 0-25, looks to be the first generation that will live shorter and Read more…

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