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3 Reasons You Are Failing at Meditation

Meditation can be full of benefits for the practitioner.  But it is challenging!  Here are 3 things you need to avoid to help you get the most from this practice. 1) You are sleep deprived: Ever been in a yoga class and hear the snoring people in Savasna (corpse pose)?  Been one of them?  That usually means that those poor sleep-deprived folks can’t even lay back without their brains and bodies expressing relief at the opportunity for rest.  This is the real challenge Savasana and meditation present to the over-worked (who obviously need it); a practice in mental focus is Read more…

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Melt the Moment With Your Breath

In yoga class we sometimes push ourselves and confront the edge of our limitations both physically and mentally.  The reason we do this is to learn how to better handle moments that push us “on and off the mat.”  We learn to use tools like our breath, redirecting our focus and and remembering that with time what feels intense now can be withstood and will eventually abate.  It’s easy to see how this applies while in asana practice or pranayama.  But sometimes it’s not always so easy to immediately see the practical applications of our yoga practices in other challenging Read more…

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Can You Do Nothing or Will You Fail?

We all talk about the importance of relaxation, stress reduction, and the ability to take a break from the craziness of our worlds.  So now, put your *time* where your mouth is.  Try doing nothing for 2 minutes; see how it goes.

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