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Get to know Dancer and Aerial Yoga Teacher Sarah Sadie Newett

You know we love to share what our professional network is up to.  Meet another member, Sarah Sadie Newett.  She’s a lovely dancer and yoga teacher who works with aerial silks and makes it look effortless.  Here are the details: Sarah Sadie Newett has devoted her life to studying, creating, performing and teaching movement. She grew up in coastal Maine dancing, acting and performing before moving to Boston to pursue her BFA in Dance/Theater from Emerson College. As a student she performed in numerous rep works including David Dorfman, inFlux Dance, Ego Art inc and Snappy Dance Theater as well as choreographing Read more…

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Music to Move You: You Should Be Dancing

Sometimes, whether we’re talking about working out or doing a restorative movement practice the real challenge lies in finding the motivation to get off our asses.  No judgement!  It’s hard to fit it all in, especially when working hard, taking care of partners and children; it seems like there’s never any time left for ourselves.  That’s why it is so invariably essential to make and take that time.  Our attitudes about reconnecting with ourselves in a physical way needs to change.  Instead of setting up the workout or yoga practice before you as something to get done with we should Read more…

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When it Feels Impossible Dance Anyways

So many times we are disappointed with how our physical bodies perform or look.  Discouragement and frustration can ruin a great work out.  Defeat can be the poison one suffers from in a yoga practice.  We’re human and these moments are normal.  So it can be helpful to draw inspiration from seeing others triumph over their physical challenges.  It’s in that spirit that we present this video.  The final production is quite stunning and beautiful to see.  But what you should really take away from this piece is that these are performers who suffer from extreme phyiscial handicaps. Yet, they have Read more…

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