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Balance Is Not Symmetry: Where are Your Organs?

In our last post, we quickly explained what brain processes occur during balance postures. To fitness professionals like us, understanding neuroscience is not only fascinating but also helpful in assisting our clients to overcome challenges with movement including balancing. This information can definitely help boost your yoga practice!  But you should also incorporate another bit of information to bring your practice to the next level:  Organ Placement. Organ Placement is not often included in the dialogue about improving performance in yoga postures. Big Mistake!  It may not seem obvious at first, but for us (and those of us who are Read more…

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The Neuroscience of Balance or: To Breathe is to Balance

Balance. We often take balance for granted when in fact, the simple act of standing is a complex physiological feat.  Let us explore.  In a very basic definition of balance 3 main physiological process are evident: Maintaining balance while standing in the stationary position relies on intact sensory pathways, sensorimotor integration centers and motor pathways.The main sensory inputs are: Joint position sense (proprioception), carried in the dorsal columns of the spinal cord; Vision Vestibular apparatus Crucially, the brain can obtain sufficient information to maintain balance if any two of the three systems are intact. Ok, if you read our blog Read more…

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SMARTer Yoga: Finding Balance Through Fluid Movement

We are itching to share how we teach with you and thought this sequence would be the best one to start with.  This one is tough, because it emphasizes fluidity and curvature as opposed to creating straight lines in the body.  You’ll find that the purpose of this it to help you find balance that comes from sharp focus and deep work in the stabilizing core muscles and deep work in the feet.  We’ve set up the postures so that you do not be prop up on your joints like when completely straightening a leg.  This ensures that you rely on muscle work. You’ll Read more…

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