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Quick Fix for Weight Loss

THERE IS NO QUICK FIX to losing weight or looking slimmer. However, I seem to keep wanting to challenge that fact. The day after Easter when I pigged out, I decided to try something I was suggested to do. I drank a shot of apple cider vinegar. I nearly gagged and almost threw up. I was willing to experiment because a friend, whom I respect, said I should drink a little apple cider vinegar to get rid of this pesky belly fat I can’t seem to eliminate. Now that I tried, I decided to do a little research. This article from Read more…

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How to not fail your resolutions Part 3: the super nerdy post

If you read the last 2 posts and you aren’t new to our blog, you may have noticed that we’ve avoided writing in our super technical, science-y voice. That’s because we saved it ALL for this post. Oh yea! *please note* this post is based off of our latest studies in these fields from various sources. Like any other scientific discussion, this information may be obsolete, incorrect, misinterpreted or debatable.  Now that you have some advice about how to create reasonable goals and keys to achieving those goals, you have to know that it won’t be easy and there are several Read more…

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