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Blue Print for Stress Reduction: Four Main Points

In the never-ending quest for balance and total well-being, I went to another workshop about stress relief. Taught by 2 women I feel blessed just to be able to hear speak on any movement/body subject. Irene Dowd (dancer and movement teacher extraordinaire) led us through visualizations and somatic explorations to release stress from our physical bodies while Rebecca Deitzal (bio-chemical/nutritional information powerhouse) explained the physiology of stress and how to use food to mitigate any negative side effects. The mind/body connection was confirmed again and further illuminated in the workshop. To be clear about how we relate to stress: Stress Read more…

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What is Frozen Shoulder and Why Yoga Will Make it Worse

Frozen shoulder is a physical syndrome in which the range of motion in the shoulder joint is severely limited. For a more official definition we turn to Web MD: Frozen shoulder, also known as adhesive capsulitis, is a condition characterized by stiffness and pain in your shoulder joint. Signs and symptoms typically begin gradually, worsen over time and then resolve, usually within one to three years. Your risk of developing frozen shoulder increases if you’re recovering from a medical condition or procedure that prevents you from moving your arm — such as a stroke or a mastectomy. Treatment for frozen Read more…

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Actual Anti-aging Information: Telomeres and Cellular Age

The internet is, unfortunately, full of misinformation regarding the aging process. We all want to know how to age gracefully or, ideally, not at all. Let’s just get that out of the way. *Deep breath* We will all age. We will all die. *Deep breath* That being said, we do, as conscious human beings, have the ability to influence our physical aging experience. Let’s start by understanding telomere length as a potential marker of health. (All information in this post comes from the book The Telomere Effect: A Revolutionary Approach to Living Younger, Healthier, Longer by Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn and Read more…

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Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

We recently shared a post about the possible benefits one can receive when drinking apple cider vinegar. Helen Sanders from also a post about ACV and it is much more extensive. We think Helen’s post is valuable, because it sites much of the research behind this practice (which some do daily!) and some of these valuable studies are about the positive effects of vinegars in general. Exciting as this content can be we ask that our readers put on their critical-thinking-helmets and remember that no article can tell you what to do for your health or prescribe the correct Read more…

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Tea and Yoga to Cleanse for This Spring

*A review of a workshop Mel taught with trainer and tea sommelier Natasha Nesic. How are you supporting yourself this Spring? First scene on as written by Natasha. “I want to debunk the myth that spinal twists wring out the organs. I’ve been seeing that in a lot of yoga journals lately.” Melissa demonstrated, rotating her torso. “The organs are mostly on the front of the body. They don’t move.” This was only the beginning of the Spring Cleanse Tea & Yoga Workshop at West End Health & Fitness, held on March 26th, 2017. “See? Here they are on Read more…

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Quick Fix for Weight Loss

THERE IS NO QUICK FIX to losing weight or looking slimmer. However, I seem to keep wanting to challenge that fact. The day after Easter when I pigged out, I decided to try something I was suggested to do. I drank a shot of apple cider vinegar. I nearly gagged and almost threw up. I was willing to experiment because a friend, whom I respect, said I should drink a little apple cider vinegar to get rid of this pesky belly fat I can’t seem to eliminate. Now that I tried, I decided to do a little research. This article from Read more…

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Hey, what’s YOUR Dosha? Ayurveda in Your Life.

It’s totally normal to have spring like temperatures in February right? No, obviously not. So, try to enjoy the respite from cold weather while managing your environmental anxiety (and your angst against climate-change deniers). But these swiftly fluctuating temperatures can really mess with our immune systems and our general sense of being. In this article, Abby will explain how the model of Indian medicine, Ayurveda, can help you regain balance: While doing my certification with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition For more about INN click here, I learned about Ayurveda. Simply stated, Ayurveda is the sister science to Yoga. Webster’s definition Read more…

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How to not fail your resolutions Part 2

Following our first post about failing New Year’s resolutions featuring general advice about creating reasonable resolutions, this post talks about pitfalls to avoid and steps you can take to achieve those goals. Here are 4 tips to help you reach your fitness goals and maintain the results! 1) Don’t buy into gimmicks!!! Here is the sad truth: the ONLY proven method of obtaining and maintaining a “better” body (whatever that means to you) is hard work, manageable dietary changes and maybe some mental changes/ attitude adjustment!!! There is no magic tea, no juice cleanse, no ab product, no waist trainer, no cream, no Read more…

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(My) Truth About Yoga and Body Image

There’s a popular idea people seem to have that once they obtain the body they want, they will all of a sudden be happy. Both women and men are constantly exposed to advertisements with images of scantily clad, tanned bodies with tips and tricks on how to achieve rock hard abs, tight butts, sculpted arms and impossibly thin waistlines, as if to say “Hey asshole, you look like shit and no one will ever love you, unless you resemble these fucks!” Ok, so maybe that’s a bit harsh, but not far from reality. Despite it being common knowledge that these Read more…

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Podcast #42 – Exposing Yoga Myths (part 4)

Oh, so much more we discuss. Listen here for: Some things that we love about yoga in our personal practice and how we use it as a tool with students and clients. Yes, our book criticizes concepts often taught in yoga teacher trainings. Being critical doesn’t mean that we’re being negative. We’re criticizing something we love because we want to make it better. Some thoughts on the importance of critical thinking. Click here for Ariana’s article for Mind Body Green. Hit us up and share your thoughts 🙂 #complimentsandwich  

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