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Blue Print for Stress Reduction: Four Main Points

In the never-ending quest for balance and total well-being, I went to another workshop about stress relief. Taught by 2 women I feel blessed just to be able to hear speak on any movement/body subject. Irene Dowd (dancer and movement teacher extraordinaire) led us through visualizations and somatic explorations to release stress from our physical bodies while Rebecca Deitzal (bio-chemical/nutritional information powerhouse) explained the physiology of stress and how to use food to mitigate any negative side effects. The mind/body connection was confirmed again and further illuminated in the workshop. To be clear about how we relate to stress: Stress Read more…

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Actual Anti-aging Information: Telomeres and Cellular Age

The internet is, unfortunately, full of misinformation regarding the aging process. We all want to know how to age gracefully or, ideally, not at all. Let’s just get that out of the way. *Deep breath* We will all age. We will all die. *Deep breath* That being said, we do, as conscious human beings, have the ability to influence our physical aging experience. Let’s start by understanding telomere length as a potential marker of health. (All information in this post comes from the book The Telomere Effect: A Revolutionary Approach to Living Younger, Healthier, Longer by Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn and Read more…

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How to not fail your resolutions Part 2

Following our first post about failing New Year’s resolutions featuring general advice about creating reasonable resolutions, this post talks about pitfalls to avoid and steps you can take to achieve those goals. Here are 4 tips to help you reach your fitness goals and maintain the results! 1) Don’t buy into gimmicks!!! Here is the sad truth: the ONLY proven method of obtaining and maintaining a “better” body (whatever that means to you) is hard work, manageable dietary changes and maybe some mental changes/ attitude adjustment!!! There is no magic tea, no juice cleanse, no ab product, no waist trainer, no cream, no Read more…

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Sweat SMARTer For Haiti: An upcoming charity event in NYC to benefit those who were hit worst by Hurricane Matthew

Date: December 17th, 2016 Time: 9am to 1pm, Ripley Grier Studios, 520 8th Avenue             2pm to 7pm, Vitor Shaolin Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy, 780 8th Avenue In the midst of this current political climate, it may surprise you to know that we are holding a fitness charity event to help Haiti recover from it’s most recent natural disaster. The media’s predominant focus is on the DAPL, social injustice, post-election concerns and women’s rights- ALL worthy of our attention and issues that we, at SMARTer Bodies, care about and continuously advocate. It’s easy to forget, however, Read more…

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(My) Truth About Yoga and Body Image

There’s a popular idea people seem to have that once they obtain the body they want, they will all of a sudden be happy. Both women and men are constantly exposed to advertisements with images of scantily clad, tanned bodies with tips and tricks on how to achieve rock hard abs, tight butts, sculpted arms and impossibly thin waistlines, as if to say “Hey asshole, you look like shit and no one will ever love you, unless you resemble these fucks!” Ok, so maybe that’s a bit harsh, but not far from reality. Despite it being common knowledge that these Read more…

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Podcast #42 – Exposing Yoga Myths (part 4)

Oh, so much more we discuss. Listen here for: Some things that we love about yoga in our personal practice and how we use it as a tool with students and clients. Yes, our book criticizes concepts often taught in yoga teacher trainings. Being critical doesn’t mean that we’re being negative. We’re criticizing something we love because we want to make it better. Some thoughts on the importance of critical thinking. Click here for Ariana’s article for Mind Body Green. Hit us up and share your thoughts 🙂 #complimentsandwich  

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Eat, Drink and Be Merry, in a Mindful Way- 5 tips to stay centered in your healthy eating habits

  Even the most “disciplined” of us can fall off the healthy eating habit bandwagon during the holiday season. Whether we are going to holiday parties and are fully into the holidays, or if we can’t stand them and are comforting ourselves by over-indulging, there are a few tricks that we can use to keep the “damage” to our waistlines to a minimum.   1. Don’t go to a party, gathering or supermarket HUNGRY!! Make sure that you have had some healthy snacks before you head out to the festivities. That way you won’t eat every goody that you come Read more…

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8 Reasons Why Martial Arts Will Make Your Kid a Better Person

As a general statement, I think that movement (especially learning skilled movement) is important for young children. While there are arguments for and against specializations in sports at a young age, it seems that a variety of movement and skills can be more transferable to everyday life and can provide more options for movement choices later in life as we age. It’s also important that kids have fun and enjoy whatever activity they are doing, so that they are more likely to stick with a healthier lifestyle. Considering all of this, I decided to enroll my (at the time) 3 Read more…

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How to Stay Centered While Hurtling Toward the End of the Year

I may sound like a grumpy grouch, but truth be told, while many love this time of the year, I find it destabilizing. All the activity, along with Duane Reade’s unnecessarily early displays, emphasizes how the end of the year is looming upon us. Basically, once Halloween ends, the deluge of Christmas/Holidays decorations, songs and general vibration is overstimulating to my senses and triggers all kinds of stressful thoughts. Like? Allow me to share: The true meaning of any holiday seems to be lost on us and is replaced by violent over-consumption. Nobody really knows how these holidays came to Read more…

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Tips for Cyclists

It’s getting warm! That means we’ll being seeing an increasing number of cyclists on the streets. Keep your tissues happy with this foam rolling and stretch sequence presented by Kim.

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