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My Personal Transition…the Great Unknown of Peri-Menopause

The Following post is by one of our apprentices Abby Kaufmann: About a year and a half ago, I started having some symptoms that I self-diagnosed as perimenopausal. I am not a doctor, so how would I know that these symptoms were indeed possibly the signs of perimenopause? The big clue that something was up with me was missing a period. Since age 13 I have been a straight up 28 day regular as clockwork kind of woman. I knew I was not pregnant, and I do not have any other issues that typically cause changes in the menstrual cycle. Read more…

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Bad Yoga #17: Don’t Use Your Glutes in Bridge Pose (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana)

I love treating my group classes like an open forum for discussion of all things yoga, movement…and reality TV. Picture me in a toga leading the class through Socratic dialogue. Recently, in one of these glorious moments of learning a student asked, “When we’re in bridge pose (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana) aren’t we supposed to release the glutes?” I had never heard of this cue, but others definitely had as evidenced by every other student in the class saying that they were also struggling to relax their butt muscles while holding the bridge shape. No, people, you don’t understand. I thought Read more…

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Tips for Cyclists

It’s getting warm! That means we’ll being seeing an increasing number of cyclists on the streets. Keep your tissues happy with this foam rolling and stretch sequence presented by Kim.

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Bad Yoga #16: If I Twist the Wrong Direction the First Time Then I’ll Hurt Myself?

Our dream came true when one of our readers wrote to us with the most fabulous question: I’d like to see if you can answer a question for me. I’m currently working on my 500 hour yoga certification. This past weekend one of the teachers, in talking about twisting postures, insisted that twists must be done to the right then left to follow the path of the intestines. She went so far as to say that you are putting your students digestive health at serious risk to do twists left then right. This just doesn’t seem likely to me. So Read more…

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Reducing Stress with Mel

Check out this week’s video with Mel.  She explains some basic techniques for reducing your stress level.      

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Work with Us on PowHow

We are very pleased to announce you can now work with us via the PowHow network!  Pow How allows you to book video sessions with us.  If you can’t make it to our studios or live outside the New York Metro area you can still get the SMARTer Bodies experience. Please visit out PowHow page and sign up with a limited time offer of 50% off any package deal the code SMARTNEWYEAR

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Please Give This Holiday

Network for Good powers more digital giving than any other platform. And this month we are featuring an organization we have donated our time and energy in helping. Please take a moment and give what you can to Turning Point Brooklyn, which provides Substance Abuse Program, Primary Care, and Mental Health Services for the needy.

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Featured on Pink and Greens

This month we are on Pink and Greens as featured holistic personal trainers.

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Bad Yoga #15: Practicing Chaturanga Will Make Your Shoulders Stronger…NOT

We will not be the first, nor hopefully the last, to write about the dangers of trying to do Chaturanga without proper strength training. Our hope is to disabuse the general public of false beliefs. One being that all things “yoga” are a safe way to mindlessly approach movement while under the guidance of an often under-qualified instructor. Chaturanga is one of the most challenging postures in any yoga class. It’s a straight plank with your elbows bent and tucked into your sides. Google it and you’ll see what’s up. The shoulder joint is one of the most complicated and Read more…

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What is Good Posture? with Kim

Everyone wants to work on their posture. Kim explains that “good” posture depends on your given physical and environmental situation. And don’t forget about your organs!  

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